Unforgiven By Elizabeth Finn

Unforgiven - Elizabeth Finn

A mistake made long ago…

Pain buried so deep…

When Bailey Trent returns home to her small little Ozark mountain town after being away for nearly six years, she knows she’ll face the ghosts of her past. It does not mean she’s prepared to come face to face with the cruelest of those memories.

Darren Cory’s life is a shell of what it once was, and when he’s forced to endure the cause of his agony, hatred abounds quickly. But hating Bailey destroys him too.

Can Darren find a way to move past the pain and forgive the woman he once cared so much for before his anger consumes them both? Or will he drag them into the hell of an unforgiven past.





My REVIEW: By Kat Fenton

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A mistake made long ago…




Just one mistake is all it took..




She was nearly twice the legal limit, she won’t be leaving the hospital without handcuffs, and ten years in prison, six with good behavior..


Daren hated Baily with a vengeance, he was a ghost of a man to what he used to be.. Six years ago he didn’t just lose one person that day he lost two and himself in the process..


Hatred was a one way street with them, it flowed freely from him to her..

Could he ever find it within himself to forgive the one person he loved most in life, his childhood friend..



How could you love someone so much but at the same time want to destroy them..


Two childhood friends ripped apart..





God where to start with this book, I basically went in blind not thinking I would encounter a roller coaster of emotions along the way, this book opened up my heart and ripped it to shreds, few times I had to turn off the kindle and just breathe and walk away and come back to it..A truly touching emotional story..Such conflicting emotions run through you whilst reading this, I don’t generally cry at the drop of a hat but this bugga of a story had me blubbering like a baby..




Beautifully written which captures your heart along the way..




About the Author: Elizabeth Finn



Elizabeth Finn



Born:  The United States  

Gender:  Female


Elizabeth Finn is an Iowa native, where she lives with her husband and son. Elizabeth loves all things romance and enjoys immersing herself in the world of writing contemporary erotic romance stories. Look for more to come from Elizabeth Finn.

Authors website: elizabethfinnfiction.com