The Missionary By Jack Wilder

The Missionary - Jack Wilder

Ex-Navy SEAL Stone Pressfield has a bad feeling about the proposed church missions trip to Manila, Philippines. The college-age church group plans to go to Manila and help victims of the sex-trafficking industry. Stone’s lingering nightmare memories about the sex-trafficking industry have him warning church leaders that the trip is a bad idea. He knows all too well that it could end in violence, and those involved aren’t to be trifled with.



When beautiful Wren Morgan goes missing, he has a sick feeling that he knows exactly who took her, and for what purpose. The problem is, Wren isn’t just any other student. She’s someone he’s close to, someone he cares about. Now she’s in the hands of cruel, evil men, and Stone is the only one who can rescue her before the unthinkable happens.




My REVIEW: By Kat Fenton


This book kicked ass!! It had everything in a book I could ever wish for, sit on the edge of your seat moments of complete and utter panic of trying to read faster to see if they were going to escape their terror..



It was dark, it was gritty but so damn hard to put down!! I loved the intensity of it!! One minute my heart would be breaking reading what Wren had to endure, to other moments of falling in love with all things alpha Ex-Navy SEAL Stone”


From page One, Wrens captivity is in your face, it’s heartbreakingly raw!!


Waking up in the darkness, pure terror, knowing that to fight was futile, in irons, punches to the face, the ribs, in horrific pain..



A jab to the bicep..A sense of floating..Sluggish..Foreboding..Darkness..


“MY NAME IS WREN MORGAN” She focused on that, it was all she knew, all she had, before darkness pulled her down and under..







This book wasn’t sugar coated and not for the faint hearted, it gives you a true sense of what goes on in the sex trafficking underground corrupt organizations..Highly recommend..A truly emotional read which pulls you in, I can honestly say since reading this I have hit a book funk..Anyone who stood/sat still long enough I recommended this book to!! Don’t just take my word for it, prove me wrong by buying a copy and reading it..




About the author: Jack Wilder



Jack Wilder—aka Mr. Wilder—is one half of the writing team “The Wilders.” You might know his wife, Jasinda Wilder, as the author of bestselling books such as Falling Into You, Falling Into Us, Stripped, and Wounded, among many others. The Missionary is Jack’s first solo work, but you can bet it won’t be the last. The Wilders live in the suburbs outside of Detroit, Michigan with their five kids, a dog that vaguely resembles a coyote,  and a manny.


You’ll often find Jack drinking beer and eating Cheez-Its


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