My Sweet Escape (Touched by an Angel #1) by Roselynn Reyes

My Sweet Escape (Touched by an Angel, #1) - Roselynn Reyes

This is a story of a girl who had it all. Money, opportunity, and bright future with her upcoming college graduation. Until a trip overseas shattered it all.

This is the story of a man who has nothing to lose, and puts his life on the line everyday to feel something in his numb soul. A soul that has been destroyed because of his past. Until he meets her.

Together they embark a journey that will test their faith, sanity, and control over everything they thought they had in order. But not everything in life is what it seems.

Sometimes you need to sacrifice a few things to realize how important life is. Even if it means losing the people you love.

62 days. That’s how long Samantha has been missing.

A trip to Italy has gone wrong and Samantha is being held captive by terrorists in Afghanistan. Hunter is missing. Samantha thinks that her life is over.


Until Angel walks into her shack. He’s perfect in every way imaginable. He helps her escape when Samantha loses hope.


But both Samantha and Angel are about to realize that escaping the campsite was the easy part. Because this kidnapping is about to spiral out of control.











A hot alpha male, A one man mission, Terrorist attacks, Survival, Love, On the run, hard core action..


You name it this book had it all, kept me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole way through..This book was raw, gritty, and all those things that had me wanting more!!


It pretty much gets in your face from from the start, it was similar to Jake Wilder's book "The Missionary" A one man mission to save a female being held captive, this story wasn't about slavery though so that's where it was different..



First off we meet Samantha: Bound to a chair, in intense pain caused by the chains scraping the skin off her wrists which are tied to the back of her chair, her feet are sore and severely swollen..


Her body is getting weaker and weaker with every minute/second that passed,


A dirty rag in her mouth..There are bruises all over her face and body, she has been raped numerous times,  deep bite marks on her torso, a bruise on her neck where they tried to choke her with an electric cord, and her back has been slashed to pieces with a whip, just for their entertainment..She has a few infections due to sitting in her own blood and feces..


No Memory of how she got within these four walls


No memory of her name, her age, where she came from

Then she hears an "Angel" in the darkness whisper a name "Samantha" she hears a man say with an American accent..


His skin was fair, translucent, and completely clear from any scars or marks to mar his beautiful complexion, his bone structure was absolutely magnificent with a straight nose, high cheek bones, perfect strong jaw line, but his best feature were his eyes..They are the most piercing blue eyes she had seen..With his face and body he could've been an actor or an underwear model from what Samantha could make out of his body under his combat uniform..



"My name is Angel, I work for a secret rescue group, I'm here on behalf of your father."


I felt like I was in a daze, I felt like I was dead, and he was the Angel to take me away from this horror to Heaven.


"Everyone thought this was a suicide mission, everyone backed out, the whole team, I was the only one willing to do this, you've been missing for 62 days"..

Just one man, aged 24 was prepared to go on this suicide mission to bring Samantha back home in one piece..




Angel is a man of few words but you still get a feel for his character, kind of made me think Sylvester Stallone in his first few films..


Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next book in this series..



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Roselynn Reyes


Hello, my name is Roselynn and I was born and raised in Central Jersey