Binary Law (Boston #1) by M.H. Grace

Binary Law  - M.H. Grace

Ellie Andrews has been receiving tutoring from Blake McCarthy for three years to help her improve her grades so she can get into one of the top universities to study law. And she’s had a huge crush on him since she can remember.

Blake McCarthy is the geek at school that’s had a crush on Ellie since the day he met her.

In their final tutoring session, Blake and Ellie finally become brave enough to take the leap of faith.
But, life has other plans and rips them apart.

Six years later Blake and his best friends Ben and Billy have built a successful internet platform company 3BCubed, while Ellie is a successful and hardworking lawyer specialising in Corporate Law.
3BCubed is being threatened with a devastatingly large plagiarism case and when it lands on their lawyers desk, it’s handed to the new Corporate Lawyer to handle and win.

Coincidence or perhaps fate will see Blake and Ellie pushed back together.

Binary Law will have Blake and Ellie propelled into a life that’s a whirl wind of catastrophic events and situations where every emotion will be touched. Hurt will be experienced, happiness will be presented and love will be evident. But is that enough for Blake and Ellie be able to live out their own happily ever after?




Took me a while to get into the story, some places there was a use of over wording and made it really hard for me to connect with the story in the beginning, it wasn't until about 20% in that I actually started to enjoy it, the story line picked up more and flowed better..


So we first meet Blake (the computer geek) who is running late for his last tutoring lesson with Ellie, both have been attracted to each other for years but neither of them have taken that step in admitting their attraction..


"And yes Blake really does come across like a computer geek." If he's not tripping over his shoe laces, or wearing the geeky clothes, to top those things he stumbles over his words when he's around Ellie..



Life has a way of stepping in and this is the last time these two will see each other until 6 years down the track..


Ellie had just disappeared off the face of the earth, no phone call, no word, nothing, just gone!!


So here we are 6 years later, Ellie has just broken up with her long term over bearing boyfriend and takes a job in Boston.


She's called up by her new associates stating that one of their biggest clients has been threatened with a plagiarism case..You need to meet with the three directors at 9.00am, the company is "3BCuBed".


So imagine Ellie's surprise there she was sitting patiently chatting to the two directors waiting for the meeting to commence with these two men and the one that seems to be running late makes his appearance, and it's none other than "Blake"


Gone is the geeky computer guy and in his place is a new and improved man..


I could just imagine Ellie standing there with her mouth wide open hanging to the floor..


His hair is no longer shoulder length, it's short as in nearly buzz cut short, his round glasses have been replaced with black square rims, and his frame is no longer that of a seventeen year old boy in his place is a confident sexy twenty three year old man..


This was the turning point for me in the story, at this point it started picking up and became a really enjoyable read..This book wasn't just your normal romance story and that's what made this book unique..


I enjoyed the banter between these two, the re-connection, the love these two felt for each other that hadn't dwindled when they were apart, he used words that could make you swoon..Just beautifully worded..