In A Heartbeat (Shameful Regret #1) by Liz King

In A Heartbeat (Shameful Regret #1)  - Liz King

For the past eight years I haven't been living, just ... Existing.

The pain, the guilt, and the shame I carry have been locked away deep inside me for so long that it's impenetrable, until him. Until Connor Reeves.

With a sexy smile and seductive eyes, the bad boy rocker walked right into my life without warning, and now the walls I built that hid all of my grief for so long are now crumbling at my feet.

Now I am left wondering if it's possible that just as life can cause pain, it can also heal wounds in a heartbeat.





Lynae (Nae-Nae by her closest friends) went through a heartbreaking horrific ordeal at the ripe age of fourteen, which is pretty much divulged from page 1..She doesn't tell a soul..She seems to think what happened to her was all her fault, that is not the case..


Then we're brought up to date (8 years have gone by) Lynae is now 23 and is a registered nurse, she doesn't date and shy's away from any sort of social life..


It's Friday night so she's got an idea that her two friends are going to try and talk her into going out on the town dancing and a new band her friends want to go check out..Being in crowds or dark enclosed spaces tend to make her feel uncomfortable..Something she has never been able to get over..But just to keep her girls happy she agrees..


At the club she feels a buzz creep over her shoulders and opens her eyes, across the room her eyes lock onto a pair of green eyes that leave her feeling like they could burn a hole right into her, his eyes are piercing..


Her friend notices Mr Brooding staring our way, "Holy sex on a stick!! He is fucking gorgeous!! He is totally eye fucking you Nae-Nae!" "He's probably not even looking at me Lynae", says..


The stage is getting set up, her best friends are so excited to hear "Shameful Regret" play, they crowd round the nearest table,with drinks in hand waiting for the moment when the band come up on stage, Lynae just wants the night to be over so grabs  her phone to send a text to her other best friend who is like a brother to her, she's so engrossed in her phone that she doesn't notice when "Shameful Regret" takes the stage..


The voice that comes over the speakers is deep and resonating and magnetic, it seems to pull her in, her heart beats hard and fast in her chest as her stare lands on no other than "Dark and Brooding" who captivated her earlier..

He's looking right at her with his lips seemingly caressing the microphone..His voice is amazing!!


"I'm Connor, Connor Reeves, thanks for coming out to see the band tonight."


This is where it all happens without divulging too much about the story, it's not smooth sailing but I will say that you'll have moments where you'll be swooning over Conner, he just seemed perfect for Lynae, he knew just what to say and when to keep his distance, it's a tough road he's going down to make Lynae trust and feel comfortable around him..And I will admit there were moments where I wanted to shake Lynae..


This book could've gone towards the dark side with what she had to endure but it was nicely written..Definitely will be keeping an eye out for book 2..